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The Techroll is a spring-loaded retractable screen that can be customised with stoppers to enable the screen to be stopped at your specifications the clip allows the screen to be locked into place and released. The Techroll is available up to 3.2 metres high and 1.9 metres wide for roll up, and 2.7 metres high and 3.2 metres wide for roll away.

A concertina screen that runs on string system with PVC coated nylon mesh that helps with insect/pest control while still maintaining excellent ventilation. The Brio can go up to 9 metres wide (double screen), 3.2 metres high and is a perfect option for a variety of openings such as bi-folds and French doors.

With a no track design, the Vueline retractable screen is a pleated screen with a unique system that allows the screen to run on a very thin strip instead of a standard track. This screen is perfect for individuals who do not want a track in their home due to aesthetic reasons or simple trip hazards. The vueline is available in heights up to 3 metres and widths up to 9 metres (double screen).

Taking retractable screens to the next level, the Centor is an outstanding screening system with a sleek appearance. Available in two different screen types, the Centors stainless steel cables hidden inside the tracking and cassette allow the screen to retract and extend smoothly with minimal effort. The Centor is available in heights up to 3.2 metres and widths up to 7.6 metres (double screen).

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